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Raymond Santiago, Owner, Breeder, Trainer, with over 40 years experience.

All training sessions are conducted in beautiful, scenic Sussex County, NJ.

Our goal is to bring out each dog’s natural instinct. Training is done on an individual basis, and we always try to end our sessions on a happy note.

We introduce dogs to live birds to encourage their natural ability to develop.

We use chuckars, quail, and pheasant (NO pigeons). This will encourage “Scent”; to use their noses to full capacity.

We prefer to train “One on One” (handler with their dog) at the same time; together learning key phrases and hand commands.

Each dog will hold point, be steady to wing and shot.

We believe that all dogs should have manners, both in the field and out.  They should come when called, retrieve to hand, and wait until the bird is flushed and dropped.

Occasionally we have a “Started” dog for sale, trained from one of our litters.
We breed our dogs once a year for quality and betterment of the breed.

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Please feel free to contact us! Come and see us in action! We are happy to make your hunting experience memorable and fun!

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