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Raymond Santiago, OWNER
N.A.V.H.D.A. and A.K.C. member
Newton, N.J. 07860

Muddy Foot's Molly-UT Dog- SH, 2 leg master
My love for the breed started over 25 years ago, when a good friend of mine gave me my first German Shorthair Pointer. 'HOMELESS' is what he named her since she was running loose on the side of the road. He saw her in the same area for days, as he drove home from work. He then decided to coax her into his truck and take her home. My friend already had several dogs of his own, so he thought that I might want to keep her to hunt with. I had Homeless for 3 years. She was a great hunting dog and family pet for my two daughters.

German Shorthairs are an excellent breed of dog, They have a fantastic disposition, easy to train. They also make wonderful pets and companions. They are a versatile hunting dog, whether on land or in the water, with G.S.P.s you get the best of both worlds.

Maritsa and Luzi with Kuhlua
'KAHLUA' was my first papered shorthair, she was the first one to teach me about hunting techniques.
Then 'RAMBO' came into our family; he was the foundation of the German Shorthairs that I have today. His father was Cross Country Mike ( DC ) from an excellent bloodline. We then received one of Rambo's offspring. We picked out a cute female,  we named her 'MOLLY'. That's how Mollysfolly kennel came to be. Molly and I made a damn good team. She was pretty and smart , she had one hell of a nose for birds. She was everything I ever hoped for in a hunting dog. We had so many wonderful days out in the fields together. One day I slipped and fell into a stream. I was struggling to get out and Molly came to me with a tree branch in her mouth, I grabbed it and she pulled me out, just enough, so I could climb out of the cold water. What an intelligent dog.

Molly had several litters, all of which produced phenomenal puppies. Many of Molly's offspring have titles in MH, and UT titles. I now have Molly's daughter 'DALLAS' -of course she takes after her mother with good looks and brains, so I kept one of her puppies too !
We picked another female, 'ZENA'.  Shortly after Zena was born I received 'BROOK'; she's from an outside line which I intend to breed with my line.

My focus is on producing a top quality dog with strong natural hunting abilities with alot of desire. My dogs are raised in a loving home environment nurtured with the human touch. They are an asset to any home. Before they leave they are socialized with lots of love. When they are able to run and play , that's when I start them on bird wing on a fishing pole. Next I put live birds in a cage and let the puppies sniff them. At 7 to 8 weeks, I place them in loving homes.

To ascertain a high quality of the standard, I produce one litter at a time, This ensures that my puppies receive all the love and attention they require. They all come with a health guarantee.

I am currently an active member and treasurer of the Rock Tavern Chapter of N.A.V.H.D.A. in  New York state

I believe that as an owner, you play an important part in the training of your dog. I'll help you with advice and training tips, at no extra cost  with the purchase of my puppies.


Raymond Santiago

Muddy Foot's Molly
(approx. age 4)


her legacy carries on...




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Happy Hunting!
Raymond Santiago
Newton, NJ 07860

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